This section sets out how we ask you to use this website. 'Terms of Use', or Terms of Service, are often associated with a paid and contracted service, where usage of that service might be limited in some way, or subject to certain conditions. In this case, much of (in fact all of, at the time of writing) the contents of this service are free to use, so the terms that follow relate more to the kind of understanding that we would like to establish with users, though the reality is we have no desire or means to hold users to any kind of account. We would simply prefer that you understood our motives and, to the extent they are known, our plans, so that you can decide whether that makes any difference to how you use Wikiregs.

Personal Data and Registration


You will have, or may have, provided some data, personal or otherwise, in order to access this website. We have explained in our Privacy Policy how we treat that data if it is personal (we only require an email address; sometimes that identifies you and therefore becomes 'personal data'). We are not interested in your personal data aside from its protection, but we are interested in your registration. Every reader of this, and probably every user of websites such as this, will understand the commercial importance of establishing a significant registered user community. So that's the first element of any 'contract' between us: we provide a quality product for free, you register (on a rather difficult legal topic, your registration is not, however, a 'condition' of us providing the service, because your registration doesn't per se require personal data). The second element of this 'contract' is that we ask that you don't share your log-in details, for reasons that are obvious - the more unique, registered users we have, the more valuable we are, and therefore the more likely to receive the investment we need to get us to the next stage, more of which below. Clearly, some readers of this piece, and very many who won't read it, will not respect the request, and that's understood as the way of the world. But there may be a few who prefer a different way.


How you might use the website 


Another important aspect of usage of the website involves, because of the nature of the service, our Disclaimer. We thought we should let you have a couple of sentences on the attitudes behind that, as it is couched in necessarily rather forbidding legal terms. We are practically obsessed about getting this information right and do our absolute best to ensure that it is indeed right, in part by sheer close attention, and in part via review systems conducted by people who know what they're doing. That's our side of the 'bargain'. Your side, please, is to use the information for when it's used best - early on in the development of creative work so that mistakes are avoided, and never as any kind of substitute for legal opinion. We should also point out that what we do is provide you with the rules: how you interpret and apply them to communication is, to put it bluntly, not our responsibility.


Going forward 


We said earlier that we would outline some plans where they are known. This is so that you understand what you are, or may be, getting into. We're not too big on those services that invite you into the 'restaurant' for a free starter, then hit you with a bill for the mains that causes you to fall off your chair. Our next step is to increase the amount of territories and product sectors that we cover. In order to do that, we need investment, which we envisage coming from a number of different sources, but primarily from apps that are in development that will tailor and enhance the product. A significant element of the service, the 'General' rules for example, will always be free to access, and that's a lot of starters. In time, the website will be developed to include an authorised contributor element (hence 'Wiki') and a User Forum, so that content is more easily sourced, and issues and problems and opportunities can be shared. So that's another reason we'd like you to stay around. As part of these 'Terms of Use', however, it remains for us to remind you that you can of course opt out at any time.


That's it. We hope it explains how we would like to work together.